Kovu broke it. Not the users.

See...he had this little side project called Yiffbase. It was essentially Google for furry porn. Aaaaand...he set up its bots to crawl MyF.

Our host noticed that he was sending an absurd number of requests to the site, probably figured out what he was doing, and suspended ALL of his websites.

So, evil sex robots killed MyFursona.
Batty - Goggular

Downtime - April 27th

It would appear that after our massive influx of roughly 400-ish people in the last weekend that the MyFursona site has gone balls up and sunk under the pressure.

It all started with a long stream of SQL errors piling down the page, followed by an "Account Suspended" message appearing far too often than one should feel comfortable with.

None of the other staff are currently online and as I'm unable to access the databases or directly contact Servage about the matter, it would appear that the site will remain offline for the coming hours.

The issue is affecting both and the forums at

My apologies on behalf of the Administration.