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MyFursona Remixed

I'm known as the guy who ends up changing things about MyFursona for the sake of experimentation, and no doubt I've gotten in trouble before for changing things without much warning. So now, I'm going to be introducing the "Remixed" series of changes to properly test new changes in a public setting.

So here we go! First up is Userpage Remixed, where profile pages have been spruced up to add an extra level of fancy.

Here's some examples to get you started:
An admin:
A mod:
Anyone else:

And indeed, get a peek at your own page by adding your username to the end of and away you go!

You can post any bugs or comments on the forum thread, no registration required!
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It's almost as if we only use this for when the site goes offline =P

Let's make that not the case; where do you see MyFursona in say, a few years time? What do you want us to achieved? What do you want us to do?

You're probably sick of hearing it already, but MyFursona is community lead, so go on - lead us! =D
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One more update...

I'm looking at MyFursona right now. The vandalism seemed to be stopped very quickly, they never even got past the first page of blogs, which means they got about ten bits o' vandalism before we shut the site off.

We'll be back within hours at this rate! =D

And just as a little compensation for our near week of downtime, we're gonna be bringing out TWO of our most requested features in the next few weeks. Thanks for sticking to MyFursona! ^.^

Anonymous = Fail

So apparently Kovu was looking in the database to see when not420chan took over the blogging system.

Kovu and Xeon shut it down less than an hour after the first attack. And that was while Kovu was at school.

Furries > Anonymous.

In other news, we will be back todayish.

Edit: Would anyone buy this shirt?

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Could be down for a little while...

It would appear that shortly after coming back online we were brought down again by somebody finding an exploit in the website's code. Because of this the site may remain offline until we've managed to patch up the holes and fix the damage done to the site as a result of the use of the exploit.

Our grave apologies to all 2,000 (roughly) of you out there who have enjoyed the MyFursona service over the last weekend.