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The new MyFursona is on its way.

Read the article on MyFursona over here.

MyFursona has a roadmap for its upcoming return. We will be starting an open beta test in May, 2011 and opening the website in June, 2011. Please read below for the specific details. We hope to see you then!

What about the old website?

In February, the website will be moved to archive.myfursona.com. You will still be able to view the website but you won't be able to register new accounts or log into old ones. Feel free to explore the old website; including users, blogs, and images. If you would like any of your material removed from the old website please email support@myfursona.com with your user name, and a description of the material you would like to be removed. You must email us from the email address you used on the website or we will not be able to honor your request.

When can I register for the new website?

Registrations will begin in April, but users will not be able to use most of the features of the website until the beta test begins in May. We will announce when you can register and when the beta test begins via Twitter.

What about my stuff from the old website?

Don't worry, we wouldn't make you do the same stuff again! Once you create an account on the new website you can use our nifty import feature to pull in all of your old profile information, blogs, and images. All you have to do is enter your old user name and password from the old website and we'll move all your stuff over to the new website. Pretty cool, huh?

Do I have to use the same name I had on the old website?

No, you don't have to. You can use whatever name you want. Even if you choose a different name you'll still be able to import data from your old account. You can even import data from multiple accounts if you had more than one on the old website.

What new features do you have planned?

We want to keep a few things secret, but we will maintain a list here and post any additional ones on Twitter as we add them. Here's the list as of January 29, 2011:
  • Threaded comments: Reply to comments and reply to those replies.
  • Integrated forum: Talk right on the website with no spam in the way.
  • Notifications: Know when something is happening!
  • Private messages: Talk privately with other users.
  • Better search: Add tags to blogs, images and other items and search for them.
  • Filter blogs and images: Don't want to see something? Add a tag to your block list.
If you have any feature requests, please email support@myfursona.com or talk to us on Twitter.

What about the staff members that left in 2009?

I'm happy to announce that AlexGrey and Xerxes have decided to rejoin the MyFursona team! I look forward to working with them once again now that they're back on board. Here's the list of the MyFursona staff as of January 29, 2011:

If you're interested in joining the MyFursona team please email support@myfursona.com. We're always looking for help from individuals in the community. From all of us here at MyFursona: Go furpile!

You didn't answer all of my questions!

Just email support@myfursona.com or talk to us on Twitter. We're always happy to help! We're very much looking forward to the new MyFursona and we hope you are too!

Alright, but what should I do until April?

Keep up to date with the return of MyFursona and follow us on Twitter and LiveJournal. Please direct any questions or suggestions to support@myfursona.com or contact us on Twitter.

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