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MyFursona is closing its doors.

View the article on MyFursona over here.

MyFursona has decided to close its doors for a while. This is temporary and we will be back in the near future! Read on if you're interested in the details.

It's best to tell the story chronologically: it all started around the time of our cookie exploit, which allowed any client to post content as any user. After this happened I spent a week or so programming fixes and such, but one of these fixes disabled the administration panel. I never got to re-enabling it, and didn't want to let anybody else write the code for it. The frustration with this eventually led to the departure of Alex Grey, our designer, and Xerxes Qados, our community manager. I would like to apologize to the both of them; I was wrong, and you both have open invitations to the new MyFursona administration team.

The administration team was down to just NightWolf and me. Our goal was to finish Alex Grey's vision of "MyFursona Eden", with NightWolf working on a new database structure while I handled design and programming. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish my part in time; my classes started back up and I couldn't balance MyFursona and school. This has happened again and again, semester after semester.

I've finally realized that I can't possibly juggle MyFursona, school, and home life. Until I am out of school, I won't be able to give MyFursona the time it needs. Luckily, I won't be moving on to a four-year college and should be out of school for good this Spring.

So what does this mean for MyFursona? The website will continue to function as it does now until December 1, 2010; on that day registrations will be disabled. On January 1, 2011, logging in will be disabled and the website will essentially be read-only, and will just be available so that users can retrieve their data. On March 1, 2011, the website will be taken offline.

At that point, the administrators (whomever they may be at that time) will decide on the best time to reopen a new and improved MyFursona. I look forward to that day. The MyFursona administrators and moderators hope to see you again someday in the future. Until then...

Go furpile!

Thank you to all of the volunteer staff who believed in MyFursona and helped it grow into the great community it is and has been. Your contributions were greatly appreciated.

Keep up to date regarding the return of MyFursona and follow us on Twitter and LiveJournal. Please direct any questions or suggestions to @myfursona on Twitter, or email "support [at] myfursona [dot] com".

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