Tori Belliachi (toribelliachi) wrote in myfursona,
Tori Belliachi

So yeah, thought I'd update you peeps!

Work is beginning on MyFursona Eden 1.1. This is probably surprising as version 1.0 isn't even finished yet, but we're spontaneous like that. Decided to go for a similar but lighter theme this time, and open up many more opportunities for user customization.

While we were at it me and Xerxes decided to do some naming. The current version is nicknamed "Chrome" (due to being very shiny grey), the in-development version is "Eden" (after the Garden of Eden, of Old Testament fame) and the very first iteration of the site is "Rainbow" (those who were around at the time will know why.)

We'll try to actually get stuff done, especially since progress has been slow for the last 6 months. Kinda hard to run a machine when at least one of the cogs tends to seize up - something I and others are guilty of at some point or another.

But yeah, go furpile!

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