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MyFursona Remixed [Jun. 9th, 2008|07:59 pm]


I'm known as the guy who ends up changing things about MyFursona for the sake of experimentation, and no doubt I've gotten in trouble before for changing things without much warning. So now, I'm going to be introducing the "Remixed" series of changes to properly test new changes in a public setting.

So here we go! First up is Userpage Remixed, where profile pages have been spruced up to add an extra level of fancy.

Here's some examples to get you started:
An admin: http://www.myfursona.com/user-remix/Tori+Belliachi
A mod: http://www.myfursona.com/user-remix/Drakky
Anyone else: http://www.myfursona.com/user-remix/Orson

And indeed, get a peek at your own page by adding your username to the end of www.myfursona.com/user-remix/ and away you go!

You can post any bugs or comments on the forum thread, no registration required!

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