February 10th, 2009

Batty - Revolution!

Eden Apologies

Feel free to give me a good slap across the chops for completely stalling on any Eden progress in the last couple of months. To say life's been giving me a rough ride would be an understatement of epic proportions, and I'm still hardly back on track as it is.

Regardless I've had some MyF related chats with @Xerxes and we've formulated a good bunch of ideas for Eden, especially on the design front. Of course, this pretty much means that the current Eden will likely get a whole lot of it chucked out and replaced, but as is such in the world of research and development.

All is not lost however, working on making that public Eden preview has helped me gain an assload of experience in coding practices, and it's given me a good basic view of what you folks like and what you don't. I can use these to amazing advantage when creating newer versions of MyFursona, so it's all good work on your part (well, you who provided feedback anyway.)

The public Eden there will remain available, seeing as so many of you folks seem to like it, plus it comes with many features the current site doesn't have, and it'd be silly to take them away from ya. But for now, don't expect the actual Eden release to look anything like it! I'll give you one clue to the nature of New Eden: Customization, and lots of it!

But for now, go furpile!