Xerxes Qados / Zack Green (xerxesqados) wrote in myfursona,
Xerxes Qados / Zack Green

What Happens When People Impersonate Me

The following is an unedited blog post that appeared under my name on MyFursona. It was posted by someone exploiting a security bug:

all right, this isn't easy for me but i feel that my personal life should be made known to both my friends and total strangers. if i don't get this off my chest, my life will never be worth living. you MUST know this about me. it's a prereq to be my friend. or to not be my friend. or to not even know me period.

all right, i have a fetish. well, more than just a "fetish". it's an entire sexual lifestyle. an exclusive sexuality that i share with only a few people. i am not weird or sick, there are dozens of us in the world.

okay, i'm not going to beat around the bush any longer. i will come right out and say it.

i have a deep and profound sexual attraction to pinecones. yes, pinecones. now hear me out.... how do you not fuck that?

seriously though folks, it's been like this for years. i can't explain it, it's just who i am. it's not weird by any stretch of the imagination. scientists and psychologists both agree unanimously that humans having sex with pinecones is completely natural and is in no way, shape, or form considered not "normal". i have yet to tell my, as you would say, "irl" friends. if they truly care about me, they will support me and my not-weird sex life.

i like both male and female pinecones. (NOT GAY) you didn't know they had genders did you? well, they sort of don't. i assign them genders in my head. i can look at a pinecone and tell what gender it should be. that's how deep my love for these beautiful creatures goes. i like to tongue them down, then caress their little piney things. i can't really stick my dick in them because they have no real holes. what i do is i rub my cock all over them. it hurts, but in an oh so good way.

none time i got caught in the woods making sweet passionate love and a group of skinheads caught me. they said that i was a freak and then they beat the shit out of me. they then stepped on the pinecone as i lay there battered and bloody. i reported it to the police but they just laughed at me.


am i not human too? just because i'm different than the rest of the world? i deserve a chance for happiness just like everybody else. screw this planet for judging me. one day, i dream that we will live in a world that lets people like me roam the streets at night with out so much as a single thought.

until then, i wait...


That's why the site's down again.
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